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We asked 50 CEOs these questions...

Are You Satisfied with Your Executive Search Service?
55% said, “No.” Their top two reasons...

1. The lack of successful searches.

Over half the searches conducted by search firms were “unsuccessful.”

They defined “unsuccessful” as either the right candidate was not found or a candidate didn't perform well once on the job.

2. The excessive amount of risk clients bear when using a search firm.

“Executive search firms’ pricing structures are not tied adequately to the success of a search.”

“If a search firm’s fee is based on a candidate’s 1st year’s compensation, then there's a conflict of interest with the client.”

“Guarantees are inadequate if a candidate isn't found or performs poorly.”

What Would you Change in Search Firms?
Their top 5 suggestions...

  1. “Understand the job being searched and the client’s interview team better.”
  2. “Give more focus and responsiveness to a client during the search.”
  3. “Tie a portion of the fee to a search's success, particularly the success of the hired candidate.”
  4. “Eliminate conflicts of interest between a search firm and a client.”
  5. “Provide a partial refund if the hired candidate performs poorly.”