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September 21, 2023:  Tom Mallory’s monthly, in-person job transition meetings which are open to any senior level business leader have been conducted nearly every month since September 2008.  During COVID, most meetings were held although attendees were seated far apart in a large ballroom. Since January 2023, every meeting has been sold out in the more intimate board room of the Buckhead Club where meetings had been held prior to COVID.  Most attendees are from the Atlanta Business School Alliance, a group of 21 business school clubs in Atlanta including Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, Chicago, Columbia, Dartmouth, London, Emory, Georgia Tech, GSU, UGA and others.  Over 1,500 people have attended over the 15 years.

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April 22, 2022:  Ed Shartar has led another huge list of giving local nonprofit leaders access to executive education courses at Harvard Business School.

Ed is Chairman of the Harvard Business School Club of Atlanta’s Social Enterprise Initiative (SEI) scholarships – an annual program that gives full scholarships to attend HBS summer programs.  Since its inception in 1997, the HBS Club of Atlanta has awarded over 125 outstanding nonprofit leaders in Georgia with these scholarships. This year, through Ed’s hard work and the additional resources of the HBS Club of Atlanta, 6 leaders were selected.

The SEI scholarship recipients who will attend Harvard Business School courses this summer are:

    • Nell Benn, Agape Youth and Family Center
    • Greg Cole, Emmaus House
    • Jennifer Dorian, WABE
    • Maryum Lewis, Jerusalem House
    • Paula Moody, Families First
    • Brenda Smeeton, Georgia Justice Project

Photos of winners

“Core to our School’s mission is educating and enabling leaders who will make a difference in the world,” says Ed Shartar, vice president, Social Enterprise Initiatives of HBSCA. “We are honored and proud to support these incredible individuals who are making a positive impact on our community.”

Check out the video of a few past participates speaking about the impact of attending this program:   Video of 4 scholarship winners

April 15, 2023: One of Acadia’s 4 values is Gratitude.  Now that COVID has been dramatically restrained, we should reflect on this difficult 3 year period. One way is by expressing gratitude for the efforts to contain COVID, primarily from first responders in the healthcare system.  Many businesses also responded the best they could, often with clever and unorthodox ways to operate during COVID. Our article, called “Gratitude’s Expanding Benefits in Business….and Life”, highlights how numerous scientific studies in the last decade have revealed the extent of gratitude’s multiple and powerful benefits to both the giver and receiver.  These studies also emphasize that expressing gratitude may have the best Cost / Benefit value toward becoming happy since the costs of being grateful are almost zero in terms of time and risk.  Here’s the article:

Gratitude’s Expanding Benefits in Business….and Life

January 19, 2023:  Harvard Business School has recognized and written about the efforts of Tom Mallory for creating and co-leading a mentorship program for students at Morris Brown College in Atlanta.

The program has matched local alumni from eight prestigious MBA clubs with Morris Brown’s diverse students. Mentors and Mentees have monthly sessions. The eight MBA clubs include Columbia, Cornell, Emory, Georgia, Georgia State, Harvard, London, and Michigan. Many current and former presidents of these MBA clubs are participating, including Tom who was the HBS Club of Atlanta President 22 years ago. Morris Brown’s President, Dr. Kevin James stated, “This wonderful opportunity offers an educational and mutually beneficial experience for both the mentor and mentee, and Morris Brown is excited and motivated to bring it to fruition.” The program’s first year with only 25 Mentors and 25 Mentees did well even during the difficulties of COVID. The goal is to help Morris Brown students for many years. The idea for this type of mentorship program grew out of a similar program Tom created and ran for 10 years at his kids’ high school.
Harvard Business School article

Established in 1881, Morris Brown College is one of five historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in the Atlanta area, but the only college in Georgia founded solely by African-American patronage. The school lost its accreditation in 2004, but has worked diligently since then to recover it, and accreditation was restored in April 2021.

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